Shake Rattle and Roll

There are some things that I will never be…a pro-lifer, a racist, a lesbian or a vegetarian. Sometimes I worry that these gluten free-vegan kids are going to turn into rebellious teenage cannibals. Do you worry about that? I read a study that said 73% of children are getting caffeine in form of soda, what the hell? I have a hard time giving my kid chocolate milk, actually she has never had it. Our Pediatrician said he preferred chocolate milk over juice, maybe that is why the percentage is so high. What happened to regular milk and water? Also Gatorade isn’t for kids, just saying.

Kaili has been waking before the sun and it’s time to put a stop to it. The husband says I am inconsistent with her in the mornings while he is gone (which is true), while he is consistent with her while he is home. ( which is mostly true) However, he isn’t up with the baby during the night, so I call that a wash. I had to throw the next door neighbors dog under the bus as a consequence. Kaili LOVES our neighbor and the dog and she has recently become really good at helping make the dogs dinner..which can I just say eats better than the guests at an Embassy Suites. Kaili also likes to give the dog treats after he shakes, rattles and rolls for her. But now, unless she can stay in her room until a decent time which is indicated by her light up alarm clock, she can not feed the dog. Harsh, I know, but seriously you guys, 5:00 am is not a decent time to wake up.

Here are some cute pictures of Kaili, notice you can’t see her face.
photo 2

That is because this is what it looks like after waking up at 5:00 a.m. AKA dark outside.


Last week I got a call from Dr. Katheria. He is the Neonatologist that delayed Averi’s cord clamping while on his new warmer bed during her delivery. He invited me to a Sharp Hospital event up in Rancho Santa Fe. The event was to help promote his bed and Averi’s news clip was going to be featured so I thought, why not? It was a really nice time, hobnobbing with doctors and very wealthy housewives.



Have you guys made this recipe yet? I have talked about it many times over the years, it’s foolproof! You can use this recipe for the spice mixture and it keeps for a long time in an air tight container. The dish takes no time to prep, cook and eat.



Do I have a 3 year old or an 80 year old?


Averi is the best baby. I don’t remember Kaili being so easy…I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.



Save the Baby

The other morning something very scary happened. Every night after Averi’s early morning meal I move her and the Rock n Play next to the side of my bed, this way if she fusses I am right there. This one morning Shane had gotten up with Kaili and I fell back to sleep. I was having a horrific dream about Kaili, she was drowning in a pool and as  I was pulling her out, I suddenly woke up to moaning. LUCKILY I quickly turned to Averi and saw that one of my pillows had managed to fall on top of her. You guys, she was being smothered by my pillow. I pulled it off of her, swept her hot and sweaty body up in my arms and realized how close to tragedy that was. I am so thankful I woke up to her moaning, and didn’t ignore it, so very thankful.

I have never been for co-sleeping, but even if you have baby next to your bed,  just know that these freak situations can happen. I don’t know how I would have lived with myself if something had happened to her. It still scares me to think about it…shiver.

On a happier note, Averi has been napping in her crib, {SUCCESS} and I am hoping to get her out of our room and the swaddle soon.

Many faces of Averi



FullSizeRender FullSizeRender


I am realizing that adding a second kid has taken time away from my blogging, so I apologize that posts are further apart but rest assured I will catch up.

Monday, the girls and I drove up to Ventura to stay the week with Shane. He gave up his handy (ahem cheaper) hotel for the week and moved us into the Embassy Suites Mandalay beach resort. It’s right on the beach in Oxnard. With a big pool and a couple of hot tubs, we were sure to be entertained. Our room had a perfect ocean view and with a big patio that I sat out on every day.

photo 1

The drive was great, Averi slept and Kaili was a perfect angel but by the end of the first day I was second guessing the trip. I was exhausted and I had a baby to tend to. Averi woke up at 3:am that next morning and didn’t go back to sleep until minutes before Shane had to leave for work. Kaili popped up not a moment later so the four of us rolled down to breakfast at an ungodly time and I wanted to cry in my coffee. But 7 cups of caffeine later and a swim in the pool, I felt much better. Averi was being a perfect baby, napping when I needed her to { AKA at the pool} and Kaili was so much fun to be with.

photo 4 photo 1


I started to fall into a rhythm and was able to fully enjoy myself. Kaili and I went swimming every morning after breakfast while Averi napped in the stroller. We hit the beach after lunch and then the pool again for Averi’s afternoon nap.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 4

When Shane got back we would head out to dinner. Sadly we didn’t have much luck in the choices we made, the food was nothing special and the service subpar. Fed up with our meals I put a little more research into our last dinner.  I came across a restaurant in the Ventura harbor that had sparkling reviews, and it didn’t disappoint.

photo 3

We splurged on a nice bottle of wine for our anniversary and enjoyed it over looking the harbor.

For our drive home we put Kaili’s carseat in Shane’s car so we could both take advantage of the carpool lane. We started south on PCH stopping in Santa Monica for a twirl on the Ferris Wheel and lunch.

photo 5

Next year we will do it all over again and I can’t wait.

8 Years

Yesterday was my 8 year wedding anniversary. I spent most of the day wiping butts, not my husbands of course. He is up at work so we didn’t get to spend that actual day together, but after 8 years and two kids later that’s the least of our worries.

Kids have made our marriage stronger, well at least I think so. It has taught me what is really important in my marriage and what I need in a partner for life.

In some of my bleakest times I can always count on him to get me to laugh. It may not be appropriate but it will be funny. He knows all of my shortcomings and what I am self conscious about but he can talk me off of the ledge and out of the downward spiral I might be sliding towards.

One of the most important things he has taught me is to stand up for myself and speak my mind. I may not do it all the time, or I may do it at the wrong time, but I know he is in my corner whenever I need him. He has the courage to tell me when I am being overly emotional or dramatic but most of the time he does it ever so kindly.

We talk through most every decision that is made regarding our lives. We have the sense of adventure to keep each other going, oh we have plans my friends.  Although a lot of them will have to wait until the kids get older.

He is working is tail off to make all our dreams come true and I am raising our daughters, doing my best not to screw them up too much. He is a much better father than I could have imagined having in a husband. I am surprised by how easily he picked it up and actually find myself jealous that it came so natural to him.

Together we make a good team and 8 years ago I made a really good decision marrying him.

Happy Anniversary Love.


Averi, 2 Months

Three and a half years later and I feel like a first time mom but this time I am less of a worry wart. Every few nights when I am standing in the dark rocking rocking Averi, I wonder how I did this the first time around and WHY do some women keep on having babies?

         This is why.

photo 4

 photo 5

Averi Ciera, she is a darn good baby, rarely cries and just wants to be loved on, so who am I to complain? Nights are getting better. We have just started getting into a routine and she is starting to give me 6 hour sleep stretches at night, it’s great. But getting her to sleep takes a hot minute and it’s stressfulwhich I completely forgot about from the first time around…Conveniently.

She  takes two to three naps a day. I would love to say she naps at the same time and the same place each day but that won’t happen. Kaili’s school and daily activities just won’t allow that luxury. I find myself walking a thin line between following a routine and playing it by ear. Basically I am struggling to find a rhythm. I should say that when Shane is home, things are much easier. Having another pair of hands to help with the bottles and the dishes and the cooking and the feeding just makes life a little easier. Major props to all the single parents out there!

Here is stone cold face Averi. She is giving smiles, I am just not quick enough to capture a really good one on film.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3







A Week in Photos

Is it really September? Somehow the the past few weeks have been a blur and I find myself looking forward to Fall. I am sure I will regret that statement by NovemBRRR.

Kaili has spent the past week in the water, swimming in our neighbors pool or the hot tub. She has stayed up late playing with friends and making pizza. We had our neighborhood block party and Kaili  had her “real” first day of school. When watching her play, the three things I know she is picking up from school are, the months of the year, that Jesus loves her, and you go to time out for hitting.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 photo photo 1


A Week in Photos

Kaili accidentally dropped her cup of milk on the ground, with a worried look on her face she said “sorry mommy.” I grabbed her, hugged her and told her it’s fine and it wasn’t her fault and then I acted out this scene from Good Will Hunting. I wish you guys could have seen it, I was riveting.

Kaili was invited to one of her little friends birthday party over the weekend. Ariel aka The Little Mermaid made an appearance and now everything is mermaids this and mermaids that. It should last for another 5 minutes and then it will be old news.

IMG_0444 IMG_0440

I managed to get the kids packed up and we hit the road to walk Kaili TO school, first time for everything.



I finally got around to taking Kaili for a haircut. Little Locks in La Jolla is the cutest place, half salon, half toy store. She sat patiently through the whole thing.

photo 1photo 2

This little girl is 7 weeks old today.

photo 3

Kaili assures me she likes her baby. She assists me with every diaper change and smothers her with kisses.

Averi is getting stronger, holding her head up more often. She will give you a smile, if you’re lucky and she even giggled in her sleep which was the cutest thing to date.



6 Week Ramble

It’s been 6 weeks and I am practically pain free so I think it’s time I start exercising again. I’m going to go ahead and start without the approval of my doc since I haven’t had my postpartum check-up yet. It should be okay…right?

In the 6 weeks, Averi has been on 3 different formulas. She has been uncomfortable, grunting and gassy. Just the other night we switched for a third time and so far it seems to be making all the difference. She is happier and sleeping longer stretches, can I get an AMEN.

Okay, so I am a little late on the one month photos….

photo 5 photo 2


My next door neighbor has been such a help the past few weeks. Almost every day she comes over and helps me by entertaining Kaili. It’s allows me just enough time to get dinner made or an errand ran without Kaili on my heels… every damn second. This kid says “mommy” roughly  570 times a day. 560 times she doesn’t actually have anything to tell me, she just want’s to drive me bat shit crazy. I have thought about inviting one of the Muslims in for a glass of wine just so she could bother them for a few minutes, allow me some time to make bottles. Wait, is alcohol allowed in the Muslim religion? Well if not, there are always the Lutherans that go door to door, we all know the Lutherans like their wine.

Every day Shane is gone at work,  I get a little more in tune with  being solo with two kids. I may clean most of the house with baby wipes and Kaili asks where we are going if I brush my hair, but they are both getting fed, I am getting a shower and we are all getting some sleep. If I can keep them both alive then I say “WINNING!”


The Constant

You know what parenting two kids is? It’s constant…non-stop, sometimes wonderful, other times not so wonderful constancy. It’s a perpetual motion tending to both of them on my own and I have two easy (so far) kids. The hardest part is when they tag team me at 5:00 in the morning. Kaili has been waking up super early and it only seems to happen when Shane isn’t home.

photo 1


Averi is almost 6 weeks old and is different day to day. She eats about every 2-4 hours during the day, at night its anybody’s guess. I try to be consistent putting her down around 8:30-9:00. Some nights she wakes up 3 hours later, and others  she will go a nice long stretch waiting until 2:00 or 3:00am. The latter is happening more often and it’s dreamy.

When she’s awake, she wants to be snuggled. A little tummy time here, a little swing time there but then its into my arms. Put here in the stroller or the car and she passes out like a frat boy after a kegger and she will stay asleep.

photo 4

Since she is an easy traveler we have been getting out a lot on the weekends, car shows, festivals, wine tasting and lunches.


San Diego Bay *photo courtesy of Brian Kerr


Considering Averi should have only been here 18 days ago, It’s been nice to be able to enjoy summer a little longer than I had expected. Soon it will fade away and Fall will be peeking around the corner.